Notes: Chapters 12, 13, 14 & 15


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A hand-drawn sketch of the lagoon from an unidentified team member found in the capsule afterwards.


It is assumed the sketch shows North at the top.


Heinrich mentioned an aegyptosaurus as they were landing.

Pre-Historic Crocodiles

Some form of large crocodile such as Purussaurus and Sarcosuchus was inhabiting the lagoon.

(From Wikipedia: “Large crocodyliformes” by Smokeybjb)
(From Wikipedia: “Sarcosuchus BW” by User:ArthurWeasley)
Purussaurus by SameerPrehistorica

Team Weapons

The team were issued with three of each type of weapon for protection against aggressive animals.

Benelli M2 semi-automatic shot gun.

MGL 40mm grenade launcher.


The pterosaurs encountered by the team were similar to Tropeognathus shown below.

Pterosauria (From Berkley


Various different types of mosasaur seemed to quite common in the lagoon waters.

“Aigialosaurus bucchichi” by Michael B. H. (from Wikipedia)

Hydro Turbines

The Francis hydro turbine design was used to extract energy from the water.

(Unknown source)

Proton-Membrane Electrolysis

Hydrogen and oxygen was extracted from water using the proton membrane electrolysis process, powered by a dedicated generator driven be a Francis micro turbine.

Graphical depiction of the process (in this case powered by a solar PV panel), from Wikipedia.




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